One of the priorities of "Pharmnet" Corp. is the loyalty partnership with all Bulgarian and  over eighty foreign manufacturers. The company trading the products of leading pharmaceutical companies in the world.It is also a partner to state institutions like the ministry of Healthcare, Bulgarian Drug Agency, National Health Insurance Fund. The main clients of "Pharmnet" Corp. are wholesalers, hospitals, pharmacies, drugstores, sanitary shops.

  "Pharmnet" Corp. works to make a name as loyal and responsible partner among the pharmaceutical community in Bulgaria, realizing its humane mission. The corporation includes established positions, time-tested company structure, professional qualification and experience in distribution of drugs with unique and diverse product portfolio. Our main purposes are set to reserve the steady growth of sales and to outspread the potential possibilities of the corporation in saving the market share and winning new shares by gradually inculcate new trademarks as sign of quality and price accessibility.